Ellen’s Slots Road To Riches

PROJECT: Ellen’s Slots Road To Riches
COMPANY: behaviour Interactive
CLIENT: Double Down Casino

ROLE: UI Designer / Artist
DATE: 2017


I worked on the official Ellen Slot Game for IOS and Android as UI Designer.
I worked closely with the other UI guy, Art Director, Game designer and programmers to be able to built an efficient and playable interface. The game has received lot of positive feedbacks from the community, has reached 4.9 stars on Itunes store and 4.8 stars on Android Store. The game has been featured severalĀ  times on the Ellen’s show.

Available on:

Screens below shows some research for the UI style. The second screen is the final version.
In the Ellen’s world we having different slot machines. Each of them are unique and this why we designed different buttons.
Preliminary versions.
All the buttons currently using in game.

Different “Win Screens” for each gains type.

Below the creation process for the “Return Bonus” screen.

Below the creation process for the “Level Up” screen.

A countdown before you play a slot machine.
The Ellen’s game contains few “Big feature” that existing in the real TV show. Like: the famous “Wheel Of Riches” as well as “What’s In The Box”.
I designed and integrated both in the current game.
Screens from the “Rate Us” in game flow.
In that game we giving option to send or receive gifts to friends.
Bet feature: Creation process.

Design research for the last in game slot.

In order to navigate through different worlds in the Ellen’s game we designed different buttons that representing each of them.

During her TV show, Ellen degeneres gave us huge visibility. Below some video where we can see our game.


On this second video we can see some of my “slots” creations on the stage.

Wow! Already finished?

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