Jurassic World – The Game

PROJECT: Jurassic World The Game
CLIENT: Universal Studio

ROLE: UI Designer / Artist
DATE: 2015

AWARD: Boomerang Grand Price (Infopresse)

I worked on the official Jurassic World Game for IOS and Android as UI Artist.
I worked closely with the other UI guy, Game designer and programmers to be able to built an efficient and playable interface. I really enjoyed to participate on my first video game.The game has received lot of positive feedbacks from the community, has reached 4.5 stars on Itunes store. Also, the game stand alongside with other famous app, in the top grossing charts (eighth place on 200 apps).

Available on:

Below some screens I have created.
Visuals for missions.
Visuals for episode intro.
Visuals for weekly campaigns.
Android and IOS achievements.
Some steps about the creation lab.
Some game icons.
Miscellaneous content. Below some things rejected during the project.

Wow! Already finished?

Don’t worry I’ve prepared a few more interesting things for you;
so there’s no need to panic (yet).