Warhammer 40K – Eternal Crusade

PROJECT: Warhammer 40K – Eternal crusade
COMPANY: Behaviour Interactive
CLIENT: Games Workshop / Bandai Namco Entertainment

ROLE: UI Designer / Integration
DATE: 2016/2017


From January 2016 to March 2017, I worked on the AAA title: Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade as UI/UX Designer. I collaborated closely with my Lead UI, Game Designers, UI programmers and the whole team in order to deliver the best work as possible that respect the Warhammer 40K lore.
Since January 2016 I jumped out into my first AAA game dev. It was a really great challenge for me after almost 2 years in a mobile game dev before. I could work on differents software as Unreal Engine and Scaleform.
I was involved in all parts of the production process. From conception to integration / animation and VFX for UI stuff.

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When I came on the project I had to search and create a coherent UI Guidestyle that had to fit with the current Art Direction. For that, I worked closely with my UI Lead and the Art Director.

Game Icons & Symbols

Rank Icons
I created 40 different Rank Icons (10 per faction), the goal was to feel the rank progression from 1 to 10.

Chaos Symbol
These Symbols represent all Chaos Gods in the Warhammer 40K lore.

Class Icons
I had to redesign all class Icons available in the four factions and to create some others for Elites.

Commendation Icons
At the end of the game we have a Battle Report Screen that displaying stats, results from the ending battle and also rewards and trophee like “Commendations”. Here is what I did for commendations.

Psychic Power Icons
Pyschic Power Icons are used by Chaos faction. Each Chaos gods have their own Psychic Powers. I had to create two different versions for each. One for the loadout and another one that appearing when we are in game (in the HUD).

I tried to catch the Chaos gods essence for each of these.

Power Armours Icons
These Icons are used in the Loadout Screen. They showing different armor level. There are 4 by Faction.

Guild Banners
It was a cool thing to do here. I had to create 5 “basic / default” Guild Banners version that representing the Faction spirit and 5 that representing Chapters available in the game.

SkillTree Icons
One of the most challenging part of my job on this project. In order to have cool rendering for the skill Tree and the HUD Icon system, I had to redesign by hand almost every assets present in the game like:Weapons, Psychic Powers, Armours, Consumables etc…

In fact I did almost 100+ icons by hand with my friend Illustrator.
It was really cool to do that, even if it was long and a huge things.

Reticles & Scopes



Animated Scopes
This is how it looks like with animation. I did all animation with Flash

Game Screens

Below, I did a quick selection of a couple of screens I made for the game.

NOTE: Some of them can be, not representative of what the game looks like in his current state since there has been some updates and I left the project.

Settings Screen

Guild Screen

Battle Report

Random Screens

Wireframes for the Loadout v2

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